Basic Training Information

So, you are looking to get into the carerr field of Emergency Management Planning.  What is the first step you may ask?  How do I transition if I am currently working in another field?  Are there specific courses or training I need to take in order to prepare for the field?

If you are a newly appointed emergency manager, provides The National Emergency Management Basic Academy which is designed for newly appointed emergency managers, including members of State, local, tribal, and territorial homeland security or emergency services programs; Nongovernmental organizations, voluntary agencies, or professional organizations; Private sector emergency management offices; College or university emergency management staff; and FEMA, federal partners, military and emergency managers at other departments or agencies.

There are four prerequisiites courses that must be taken prior to the actual National Emergency Management Basic Training.  Without completing the prerequisites courses, your application will be void.

The advanced academy is primarily aimed at people who have the basic foundation and have some experience with emergency management and planning under their belt.  An example would be mid-level managers and directors.  With it, they will be able to advance their knowledge and keep up to date with what are the best practices and procedures.

The most advanced training that they have is specifically designed for executives.  This training is designated for senior level executives.  The organization has partnered with prominent higher education institutions.  This stage involves critical thinking, visionary planning, and strategic leadership.

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