Strides in Medical Emergency Transportation – Will it Cut Down on Cost and Time?

Mem better known as Medical Emergency Motorcycles can be used in cases of traumatic events such as when someone is having a heart attack or there are a number of people who need medical attention fairly quickly.  Some other good things about utilizing an medical emergency motorcycle is the benefit of not sending out uneeded ambulances which will cut down on costs.

A study was performed during a trial in Norway where the Mem were used in a city setting.  Some interesting findings were discovered.  The motorcycle was able to get to the destination about 30 seconds shorter.  The hourly cost were shorter when running the Mem in the summer.  Going forward, Will we see more Mem or electric scooters to possibly cut down on costs?  It is funny how technology changes.  Electric scooters are everywhere now  such as the electric moped for kids and the ones made for the old.  These razor e100 electric scooter reviews shed light on how popular electric scooters are coming.  These are mainly for recreational purposes. Since this was just a trial, we cannot conclude the long term effects of using this type of transportation in emergency settings.

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